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Reinventing the Wheel

08:32 - 23rd August 13

Angle Consulting is proud to be associated with the Britsh Paralympic Team, working closely with UK Sport and BAE Systems.

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FIA Homologation for Pop Off Valve - Group R Rally Series

08:09 - 10th July 13

Angle Consulting is proud to announce that it will be manufacturing and supplying a POP OFF VALVE to competitors in the R5 Rally series with immediate effect.

The Pop Off Valves, designed and manufactured by Angle Consulting, have recently received FIA Homologation Status.

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High Praise...

14:25 - 30th August 12

Angle Consulting and Boccia once again feature in the news:

From i, 30 August 2012, page 30:

High technology meets one of the more sedate sports on the Paralympics roster in boccia, a variant of French boules played from wheelchairs. Competitors in the BC3 category use ramps to launch the leather balls, which they try to roll closer to the jack than those of the opposing team. A ramp is a ramp, you might think, but to achieve the greatest accuracy, British boccia players including Jessica Hunter, above, will use carbon-fibre models made by Angle Consulting, a Hertfordshire firm more used to working on Formula 1 cars. Precise and lightweight, they have already given Britain's players an edge, becoming as envied among competitors as Chris Hoy's wheels.

Angle Consulting is extremely proud to have been able to support Team GB efforts at further medals.

Carbon Boccia ramp in the News

12:30 - 27th August 12

The carbon fibre Boccia Ramp, designed and manufactured by Angle Consulting has appeared quite frequently in the news of late.

Firstly on Channel 4, with Jon Snow, where Jess Hunter put the ramp through it's paces...

On Sunday, 26 August 2012, images of the ramp and brief articles appeared in the Mirror on Sunday and also the Independent on Sunday.

According to the Mirror on Sunday, "...GB has rolled ahead of it's rivals. Their ramp frame has a streamlined design and is made using carbon-fibre technology straight from Formula One."

The last medal of the 2012 Games...

12:07 - 25th August 12

Imagine a soldier caught behind enemy lines - in order to pass a message back to his commanding officer, he would have to fence 35 opponents, swim 200m, ride an unfamiliar horse, run 3 km and shoot 15 targets - all in 1 day. This is the sport of Modern Pentathlon - fantastically exciting and fast paced.

Now imagine having the opportunity to work outdoors during a British Summer (???!!!), in one of the most majestic and picturesque parks in the world - Greenwich Park.

Angle Consulting first had the opportunity to become involved with Modern Pentathlon in 2009, designing and manufacturing a shooting range for the World Championships at Crystal Palace.

When thoughts turned to the 2012 Games held recently, the original brief was to design a 40m shooting range for Modern Pentathlon such that it could be assembled in Greenwich Park, at night, in less than 4 hours.

Based on the premise that a current F1 pitstop occurs in under 4 seconds, 4 hours to build a shooting range should be achievable.
Using a crew comprising, amongst others, F1 and Le Mans mechanics, a construction time of just over 3 hours was achieved at an Olympic Test Event in 2011, at Greenwich Park.Mission accomplished. Time for a rest. No - not quite...

A further challenge was presented at this point - this feat needed to be repeated during the Games themselves (original plan), with an added complication thrown soon as the Equestrian events had ended, Greenwich Park was to be transformed to suit Modern Pentathlon. As well as building the shooting range, there was also a Field of Play (FoP) to prepare, a ride course and run course to be constructed, technology to be installed and tested, signage to be hung and athlete lounges prepared (new plan).

As for the timing - not 4 hours anymore - that would be unreasonable after all. We had a whole 13 hours to effect the transition of Greenwich Park, overnight!!!

Talk about managing a project with solid deadlines...This was getting involved with Modern Pentathlon in a whole new way. I'm not a huge fan of horses for a start - let's be honest - one end bites and the other end kicks.

Armed with the title of Field of Play Group Leader and a cast of almost 40 people (approximately 3/4 of them volunteers), work commenced at 6 PM. As the people of Greenwich slumbered blissfully on, work progressed. Those lucky enough to sleep until 7 AM the following morning were presented with a prepared and complete FoP upon waking.

There were two finals over two days, with a Medal Ceremony in each. Team GB was represented by Nick Woodbridge and Sam Weale in the mens event and Mhairi Spence (current World Champion) and Samantha Murray in the women's event.Samantha Murray, starting the race in 4th place, overtook twice, the second time on the last lap. As she came into the stadium in 2nd place, with 300m to go, the roar of 20,500 excited spectators carried her all the way across the line – the last medal of the Games, a Silver to Team GB.

 In a world dominated by TV viewing figures, during competition, under the watchful eyes of 20,500 spectators and millions of TV viewers around the world, my team executed split second transition, enabling the sport to unfold to schedule - I am so proud of all of them.

Having spent almost 20 years in Professional Motorsport, I wasn't entirely convinced about the Olympics. Well, I stand corrected.

The Olympics is huge, mega, amazing, fantastic and spectacular. The scale, logistics and planning involved are almost inconceivable. The emotion of the event is tangible, real and amazing. In all my working years, I have not come across a more enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of people.

Perhaps the lesson to take away from this is that there are no extraordinary people - there are only ordinary people, who are capable of achieving extraordinary things, because they set their minds to the task at hand.

The last medal of the Games through the eyes of a 10 year old...

20:05 - 14th August 12

AnAthlete at Modern Pentathlon

(Startingfrom Horse riding)

I was now in 5thplace after the fencing and swimming. I thought I had seen it all asone of my competitors set the Modern Pentathlon Olympic Record butthen I did horse riding.

You cannot winthe competition in horse riding, but you can certainly lose it. As Ijumped on my horse, Glen Gold, my arms were shivering as I took holdof the reins. I started trotting up to the starting point and I knewI could not let my country down. As I rode near to the jump I gotmore nervous by the second. I jumped over it only just missing thepoles. One jump down, eleven more to go!

I can'texactly remember which jumps I knocked poles down on but my overallpenalties where sixty out of one thousand two hundred. That was fortyobstacle penalties and twenty time penalties. That put me into 4thplace after the fencing, swimming, and horse riding.

Ontothe combined event. I started in 4thso I started ten seconds after the leader. I ran straight up to theshooting range and shot at the targets as fast and as accurately as Icould. I carried on running still in 4thplace and out the arena. As I came back in I was in 1stplace but sadly I got overtaken on the shooting. On the third lapround I overtook Margaux Isaksen and Yane Marques with the help ofthe roaring crowd. I did my final lap and stayed in that position.Finally I ran up to the finish line and crossed it in 2ndplace! I got beaten by Laura Asadauskaite but that didn't matter, Igot a silver medal for my country.

By Sophie

Age 10

After witnessing a remarkable last medal of the 2012 Games, a Silver in Modern Pentathlon,  a 10 year old wrote the above story.

Jacob Thomas wins British Boccia Championships

08:19 - 26th October 11

At the recent British Boccia Championships, 16 year old Jacob Thomas won the BC3 category. He was using the new carbon fibre ramp, designed and produced by Angle Consulting Ltd.

The carbon fibre ramps also resulted in 3rd and 4th places for Jess Hunter and Ryan Paladino.

Congratulations to all concerned - a fantastic effort and this bodes well for London 2012, where our athletes go into competition knowing that they have cutting edge equipment that is not available to any other team.

The athletes will be in action later this week at the Europa Cup in Norway.

Funded by UK Sport and designed and produced by Angle Consulting, the ramp uses technology originally developed in the Formula 1 and Aerospace industries.

Produced exclusively for the GB Boccia squad, they are lightweight and accurate.

Working together with Alpha Composites and Orion Machining, this technology has been implemented at an affordable level with immediate positive results.

Setting Up a Legend - Video File Available

11:18 - 8th December 10

The set-up wheels designed and manufactured by Angle Consulting can be seen in this video, demonstrating how the system can be used in the shop or at the track.

UK Legends in the USA

15:08 - 11th November 10

UK Legends drivers Simon Belcher, John Mickel and Dean Brace all fared well in the Legends World Championships, held last weekend at Infineon Raceway in California.

Simon Belcher finished 4th in the the Pro Class, followed by John Mickel in 5th place.

Dean Brace finished in 3rd place in the Semi Pro class.

The Angle Consulting set-up wheels for Legends made the trip out to the US with Simon Belcher, used to set-up his car on the way to 4th place.

These wheels will be on display at the coming PRI Show in Orlando.

Come and see us at Stand 1751.

Lawrence Davey 2010 Legends Champion - UK

19:03 - 1st November 10

A thrilling duel over two days at Brands Hatch, between Stephen Treherne, (Handy Motorsport, sponsored by KARCHER Chemtec Center) and Lawrence Davey, (Smart Motorsport, sponsored by saw Lawrence Davey emerging victorious, crowned the 2010 UK Legends Champion.

Going into the event, Davey held a slim lead over Treherne. In difficult conditions Treherne emerged victorious on Saturday, although Davey still held a small lead. Driving faultlessly on the Sunday, Davey was untouchable, taking the Championship.

Congratulations to both drivers and their teams, for providing thrilling viewing and close, tight, sportsmanlike racing.

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