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20:45 - 12th October 10

We will be exhibiting our latest products at the
show in Orlando in December.

Our latest Set-Up wheels, designed specifically for Legends cars, will be on display, as will our range of Turbo Wastegates and Fresh Air valves.

You're welcome to stop by our stand - 1751 - looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.


11:25 - 27th September 10

Simon Belcher, racing the KARCHER Legends car, supported by KARCHER CENTER CHEMTEC finished first in last weekends race at Donington Park, with 470 points.

Simons team-mate, Stephen Treherne, finished in second place with 460 points, handing the Handy Motorsport due a memorable 1-2 finish.

Angle Consulting, working together with Simon Belcher, has designed and developed a method of setting up a Legends Car, based on Formula 1 and NASCAR technology, at an affordable price.

Simons car was set-up using this method at Donington, using a pre-production version of the system.

Production versions of this RACE WINNING TECHNOLOGY will be available later this year.

For more information, please contact us...

Perry Cohn appointed Expert Consultant

22:17 - 25th August 10

Perry Cohn has been appointed an Expert Consultant on the ZINTRO website, providing Clients (expert seekers) with subject matter experts for consulting engagements.

Please see


07:30 - 12th August 09

A new, state-of-the-art, shooting range, developed with funding from UK Sport, will form the centrepiece of the action when the Modern Pentathlon World Championships reach their climax at Crystal Palace later this week.

Angle Consulting, working with Pentathlon GB and UK Sport, has developed a shooting range which is lightweight, can be used outside in all weathers, is easy to assemble and conforms to required safety standards.

Peter Hart, Chief Executive of Pentathlon GB, said: "We're delighted with the shooting range. It's undoubtedly one of the best of its kind in the world and it will play a central role in this weeks World Championships, as well as in future competitions."

The shooting range was designed and built using technology and materials often used in Formula One.


12:49 - 14th June 09

Angle Consulting and UK Sport started working together in 2005. UK Sport was looking for cutting edge design and original solutions to sporting problems, with the express purpose of helping athletes win medals. For this reason, Angle Consulting has tended to work exclusively with Elite Athletes - proven medal winners, or very strong contenders for medals.

It is important to appreciate that there can be no detailed description of the equipment designed for UK Sport by Angle Consulting, as this would potentially compromise the competitive advantage that UK Sport is striving to give Britain's elite athletes.

Work to date has dealt with the development of training and measurement devices for Cycling, Bob Skeleton and Wheelchair Racing.

In all cases, solutions were carried through from concept to realisation, design through to manufacture.

In each of the above sports, the philosophy and discipline developed during a decade in Formula 1 comes to the fore. Cutting edge solutions are designed and manufactured fast, accurately and repeatedly.

In one case, a new, custom, design for the Bob Skeleton team was manufactured in the UK, packed and delivered for testing in Lillehammer barely 2 days later.

Angle Consulting, Pit Equipment and the Environment

10:04 - 13th June 09

Angle Consulting has taken the decision to manufacture Pit Equipment using recyclable material wherever possible, without compromising quality or appearance.

We are pleased to announce that all of the front wing jack supports for the A1 GP series are manufactured from polypropylene. As well as being lightweight, tough and abe to withstand relatively high temperatures, the material is 100% recyclable.

We also tened to use polished stainless steel wherever possible. Although recyclable, after a fashion, the main benefit of this material is that it can be easily polished and restored to pristine condition and appearance, thereby ensuring a long service life, without having to waste material.

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