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Turbo Devices - Wastegate, Fresh Air Valve, ALS


Product Information:

Designed with the 1600cc ‘World Engine ‘ in mind the 2011 Wastegate offers two style’s of mounting on to the exhaust manifold. Traditional V band clamp or the more compact 3 bolt flange.

Height of unit with V band fixing 90mm and weight 590g.

The valve housing is a cast part and available in either stainless steel or for higher temperature applications Inconel.

The wastegate can be supplied with an inlet diameter from 25mm to 32mm with a valve option of either solid or floating head type.

The wastegate can also be supplied with a valve position sensor which can relay valve position to the ECU in real time with an accuracy of better than 0.1mm

The outlet diameter can range from 32mm to 38mm.

The valve is air controlled via 2 #3 fittings of contrasting colours to aid correct connection on the vehicle.

All assemblies will be supplied with inlet and outlet flanges, rings and clamps.

Please contact us for CAD models and other information you may require

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