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Fresh Air Valve

Product Information:

Designed with the 1600cc �World Engine� in mind, the Fresh Air Valve can be supplied with either V band or 3 bolt flange mounting to the exit.
This in turn can be either a single pipe exit or a 4 pipe exit to suit the philosophy of your ALS system.

Height of unit 80mm and weight 440g.

The valve housing is a stainless steel cast part.

The inlet is designed for a 25mm pipe coupled to the valve with a bespoke PERRINS type connection to allow for some movement, whilst dampening vibration at the same time. This pipe diameter could be increased to a maximum of 33mm.

The valve is air controlled via 2 #3 fittings of contrasting colour to aid correct connection on the vehicle.

All assemblies will be supplied with inlet ferrule and clamp and exit flange and clamp.

Please contact us for CAD models and any other information you may require.

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