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'We will find the Angle that will give you the Edge'

'The Edge' - an element which is vital for success in any competitive endeavour.

'Time' - the yardstick by which success is measured in the majority of competitive arenas. Also one of our most precious resources.

'People' - success is the result of the combined efforts of many people, working together as a team.

Angle Consulting has been formed with all of these, The Edge, Time and People, in mind.

Drawing on the experience gained during a decade in Formula 1, Angle Consulting offers clients, in any competitive arena, solutions which will provide them with a competitive advantage, technical or otherwise.

Angle Consulting places great importance on the formation of a close working relationship with the client, as this is key to maximising the benefits of any project.

Solutions are provided within the tight time-scales commensurate with modern day competition.

The emphasis which Angle Consulting places on the importance of a close working relationship, together with an appreciation of the value of time, will lead to a result which will give the client a competitive edge.

All areas, from design through to manufacture, from concept to implementation, are offered.